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Learn The Principles Of Marketing

by David W. Schaible

Years ago I felt that I knew the principles of marketing and advertising pretty well.  You see, I was doing fairly well in sales and my ability to present a proposal in a face to face environment seemed natural and effective.  In reality I knew that my lack of education in the field was holding me back.

Basically, although I was highly educated, I did not have any background in the principles of marketing. I had received an Associates Degree in Applied Science which as you may know is quite a stretch from business and marketing.

Thankfully my career that became of that degree was in sales and that in itself gave me the word power and critical thinking foundations to become a good marketing and advertising professional.

Nevertheless, I was a little bit hazy on some of the finer details. I had never had any marketing classes, and was ignorant of some of the most important terms and concepts in the field of advertising and marketing.

After a quick bit of soul-searching, I decided to take my interests to the next level. Knowing that I now wanted to make a career of it, I decided to learn the principles of marketing as well as I could.

It may not seem like it from an outsiders view, but marketing strategy is one of the most difficult and inexhaustible subjects to learn. You see, with the perfection of market research marketing, everything has gotten much more complicated.

As our analytical tools get better and the public gets more jaded and cynical with respect to commercials, marketing has to wage an ever escalating war for the minds and desires of consumers. This may sound dystopian, but in reality it is a simple principle of marketing. Make no mistake about it – marketing and advertising firms deal in mind control.

Because of this, the principles of marketing encompass almost everything in the social sciences and humanities. We need to understand how people's fears, desires, and passions are created, how to influence them, and how to ultimately channel them towards the products that we sell.

This is what makes marketing and advertising such a fascinating area. You get to take classes in psychology, anthropology, sociology, and statistics.

Basically, anything that you learn or have learned about the way humans live and interact can be helpful in mastering the principles of marketing. Nothing lies outside of it.

The initial principles of marketing is pretty basic, but the deeper you dig, the more complicated it can seem. It was challenging, but soon I was truly connecting and enjoying what I was learning.

I view this as a good thing because it allowed me to develop my brain power to the fullest. Marketing is definitely an area where intelligence is useful.

Common sense and real World experience I would have to say are key to becomming
successful with the principles of marketing and remember as I've said before, education  is the silver bullet.

Wishing you the best and success,

-The Net Business Venture Editor


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